Acupuncture for Male Fertility

Approximately 40–50% of fertility issues are due to male factors and as many as 2% of all men will exhibit suboptimal sperm parameters. For some men, acupuncture offers a simple, noninvasive method to improve sperm quality. Even when a semen analysis comes back as normal, there might be other issues at play and male fertility acupuncture can still be incorporated into a couple’s pre-conception program.

Studies on Acupuncture for Male Factor Infertility


Many clinical trials around the world have demonstrated the benefit of acupuncture for sperm quality, especially in cases where there is low motility or high numbers of abnormal forms. 
In a 2005 study published in Fertility and Sterility, researchers found that incorporating five weeks of acupuncture treatments reduced the number of structural abnormalities in sperm and increased the overall number of normal sperm in a group of men with sub-optimal semen parameters. The results of the study suggest that acupuncture may complement traditional fertility treatments and help men reach their full reproductive potential.

How Does Male Fertility Acupuncture Work? 

Single use, hair-thin acupuncture needles are typically applied around the hands, abdomen, lower legs and feet. Acupuncture points are not placed in or near the groin - this is a common misconception. Mild electro-acupuncture is often used in combination with these acupuncture points in an effort to increase blood flow through the small blood vessels of the testes to improve the delivery of nutrients to developing sperm and promote sperm vitality. Acupuncture is generally painless and patients find it relaxing and look forward to their acupuncture treatment as a way to relax after a work day or busy week. 

Typically male factor infertility acupuncture is scheduled one to two times per week for 5-10 weeks.

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