A healthy pregnancy is greatly dependent on the health and well-being of mom. Our acupuncture, herbal, and nutrition counseling services at Husami Integrative Acupuncture are designed to help expectant mothers feel their best. 

Is Pregnancy Acupuncture Safe and Effective?

Research shows that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for pregnant women and aid in reducing the chances of miscarriage. A 2009 study by Stanford University School of Medicine also found that acupuncture appears to be an effective way to reduce depression among pregnant women - concluding that acupuncture could be a viable treatment option for depression during pregnancy.

Acupuncture is a natural and safe treatment modality. In a systematic review of 105 studies on acupuncture during pregnancy only 25 showed any detailed adverse reactions - most of those reactions being minor pain at the site. Few serious adverse reactions occurred and all were considered unlikely to have been caused by acupuncture.

When Should You Get Acupuncture During Pregnancy?


Acupuncture during the first few weeks of pregnancy:

Acupuncture has been shown to have significant immune-modulating effects and might aid implantation. It’s thought that this effect may be important in reducing the risk of rejection by the mother’s immune system in the early days of conception as the embryo implants and a pregnancy is established.

Visiting an acupuncturist regularly for monitoring of the pulse (a TCM diagnostic technique) and regular treatment with acupuncture can provide reassurance and reduce anxiety during these first few weeks of pregnancy. Clinical trials have shown that this type of regular monitoring and reassurance can reduce miscarriage rates. 

Acupuncture Throughout Your Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, you may experience one or even a variety of different symptoms associated with the monumental changes occurring in your body. Acupuncture can be a useful remedy for these, including: 

  • Headaches or Migraines

  • Constipation

  • Heartburn

  • Fatigue or Anemia

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Excess weight gain

  • Varicose veins

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression

  • Pain: such as back pain, sciatica, leg cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, rib or pubic bone pain, etc.

  • Skin rashes

Preparing for Labor with Acupuncture


A small study at the University of North Carolina involving 56 women who were 39.5 to 41 weeks pregnant found that women who received acupuncture were more likely to go into labor without a medical intervention. Half of the women received three acupuncture sessions, while the other half did not.

Seventy percent of the women who received acupuncture went into labor on their own, compared to 50% who received standard care. The women who received acupuncture were also less likely to deliver by cesarean section (39% compared to 17%). The study concluded that acupuncture shows promise for reducing interventions that occur in post-term pregnancies.

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